Our nursery is a family run business led by a team of four graduates of the Agricultural Academy in Krakow.

Marcin Walaszczyk M.Sc in Horticulture, specializing in Plant Protection- Entomology
Aleksander Walaszczyk M.Sc in Horticulture, specializing in Plant Protection- Phytopathology
Renata Walaszczyk M.Sc in Horticulture, specializing in Ornamental Plants
Anna Walaszczyk M.Sc in Horticulture of the Agricultural Academy in Krakow

The horticultural tradition goes back to the middle of 1950s when our grandparents started a production of greenhouse vegetables. The business has been changing its production profile up to the 1990s. At the beginning of 70s ornamental plants were introduced into the production, first deciduous plants were cultivated, then coniferous ones were added.
Since the beginning of the 90s we produce only ornamental plants, continually expanding the plant selection and the acreage. For several years now we have paid particular attention to increasing the production of young plants.
The young plants production has been started from seedlings of conifers with bare roots , later gradually heathers and deciduous plants were introduced in multiple numbers. Every year we are trying to expand the selection by the introduction of new , rare and sought after varieties. In our 2009 offer we had over 600 varieties of conifers, deciduous and coniferous plants ready for use.
In addition to young plants we also produce mature trees of 4-5 years in containers. There are conifers, deciduous plants and graft material in a greater selection than before. The recipients of our products are nurseries, gardening centers, landscape gardeners and retail customers from all over Poland. We deal with many European customers exporting to countries including Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Ukraine, Estonia, Russia , Armenia, Germany and France.

Part of our garden.

The Nursery dates back to the mid-70's.

The middle part of nursery - in the area of 50a there are greenhouses and tunnels where the young coniferous, deciduous and ericaceous plants are being produced. There is also a retail and wholesale trade area of 2000 m/2

Retail and wholesale trade
Part of our nursery with grafted conifers.

Part of our nursery with ericas

Part of our nursery with conifers - hedges

Coniferous youngplants. Heather in tray.
Deciduous youngplants ( Hypericum ). Japanes azalea youngplants.


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